welcome to my passion, the infinity of art.

all types of art.... classic, graphic,

mixed media, fractal, and


Anything that brings the mind,body, and spirit  to the precipice of beauty with knowledge and emotion. the melding of science, emotion, and time to produce art.



An Artist of the world of life through self observation.My tools are my hands and eyes. A healer by trade, and artist by spirit.


My mission is to create pieces of art that reflects the truth of life. And share them. beth.

what is a fractal?
endless mathematical repeated patterns...
found in nature... animals, plants, in the sky, and on the earth.... like snowflakes, seashells, broccoli, leaves and trees...
I Love fractal and fractal art...
Fractal art is a form of algorithmic art...
Here are some of my pieces of art... enjoy.

©beth pearson 2015